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Long Term Care


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Long Term Care

Houghton County Medical Care Facility provides 24-hour person-centered care for all of our residents requiring ongoing medical and nursing attention. All of our professionals operate with an Interdisciplinary Team approach and will work with you and your family, other healthcare providers as well as your personal attending physician to develop the best individualized program for you.
Long-term care services include:

Nursing Services

Houghton County Medical Care has a long history or providing high quality care. Our licensed nursing staff (RN's and LPN's) along with our team of certified nursing assistants provides 24-hour care. Our nursing assistants are trained on- site and our licensed nursing staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of long-term care. We pride ourselves in having a commitment to quality care. Medication management and documentation of your medical information is all performed in accordance with State and Federal rules and regulations. The nursing staff works as part of each resident's health care team, including our restorative therapies, physicians, and other care providers. Whatever your needs may be, our nurses take a caring, compassionate approach, working to assure that you're given the best care possible.

Restorative Therapies

Our restorative nursing staff work in conjunction with our professional therapists to maintain mobility and function for our residents in order to keep them at their highest potential possible. A resident may be started on a restorative nursing program when he or she is admitted to the facility with restorative needs, but is not a candidate for formalized rehabilitation therapy; or when restorative needs arise during the course of a longer-term stay; or in conjunction with formalized rehabilitation therapy. Generally, restorative nursing programs are initiated when a resident is discharged from formalized physical, occupational, or speech rehabilitation therapy.

Resident Activities / Life Enrichment

The facility provides a variety of activities to meet the recreational, psychosocial and spiritual needs of our residents to help maintain or improve their quality of life. Activities are planned either one to one as well as with small and large groups based on the individual interests of each resident. A variety of activities such as baking, bingo, reading, arts and crafts and exercise are some examples of activity events.

Activities also include community outings for shopping, casino trips, theater, sporting events, and bowling, utilizing the facility's own 14-passenger bus. Clergy from the community come to the facility to provide religious services in the facility chapel.

Social Services

Our licensed social workers assist residents and their families with applications and admissions; provide for residents' psychological and needs, and also help to prepare residents and families for discharge which includes coordinating services with other local providers for the continuation of care in the community.

Nutritional Services

Our registered dietician, along with our certified dietary managers, ensures quality nutritional services for each resident. We accommodate therapeutic diets as prescribed by attending physicians as well as other special dietary needs. Special events and holiday meals are also provided, including summer barbeques on our outdoor patio.


Hospice is a program designed to support individuals with a terminal illness who are no longer receiving treatment aimed at curing their disease; with the goal of providing care such as the control and relief of pain and symptoms, and to neither hasten nor postpone death. Houghton County Medical Care Facility contracts with two local licensed Hospice Agencies in collaboration to provide the highest quality of services to terminally ill residents within the facility and their families according to established policies and procedures between the agencies.


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Long Term Care

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