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Sometimes our residents cannot participate in events out in the community, so we bring the community to them. Caring for community residents means meeting all of their needs: medical, psychological, recreational and social. Our dedicated volunteers help us to meet the recreational and social needs of our residents and are an integral part of the services we offer.

Members of various community organizations donate their time to provide visits and activities for our residents. In any given week, volunteers may stop by to provide entertainment, help with Bingo games, holiday parties, baking, reading groups or Bible study. Many volunteers help by visiting with residents, reading, writing correspondence, and playing games or simply by sitting, talking and sharing their interests and hobbies with others.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Houghton County Medical Care Facility, please contact Chris Lehto (clehto@houghtonmcf.com) at 906-482-5050 or 906-483-2163.






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Long Term Care

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