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Canal View -- Houghton County is a 197-bed skilled nursing facility that provides 24-hour extended care. We provide personal and dignified care to all of our residents. Our qualified staff strives to help each person reach their highest level of functioning. We are proud to provide an extended care option that allows people to stay in the local area. We provide responsible care to all, regardless of ability to pay. Our facility is certified to provide both Medicare and Medicaid approved services.  LEARN MORE

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Per MDHHS’ emergency order issued on June 30th, we are only allowed to permit visitors under two scenarios.

  1. If a resident has hearing, vision or speech impairments and needs assistance with ADLs (that a family member can provide), then we can care plan them for visitors.  If that was not occurring before 3/14, then there would need to be documentation of the change in the MDS assessment.  The MDS assessment is where we document a significant change of condition.  For example, if someone had a stroke on June 1 and now required feeding assistance, that would trigger a MDS assessment.  That is what the government it looking for, if it wasn’t occurring prior to 3/14.

  2. The other scenario that we are to allow visitors is when a resident is in “serious or critical condition or in hospice care”.  The emergency order defines this as any resident enrolled in hospice; residents receiving end of life care; residents whose wellbeing is at a significant risk, whose family visits are a potentially effective intervention; or residents who experience a significant adverse change of condition.  The last two have to have supporting documentation by the physician.   

We apologize for the inconvenience.  MDHHS’ contact information is 888-535-6136 or email,, if you would like to leave them feedback regarding the visitation order.  This order is in effect until lifted by MDHHS.

Click here for up-to-date information regarding visitation restrictions and COVID-19 facility updates.